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Medical plastic infusion bottle rubber separation

Time:2019-11-25 Views:1151
Medical plastic infusion bottle rubber separation refer to Separation and recovery of rubber bottles ,plastic medical Infusion bottles, hanging bottles, drip bottles, etc.:
mainly used for cyclone bounce separation of bottle sheets and PP rubber heads, rubber and plastic separation for foam rubber (floating rubber) and PP rubber head separation, also applicable to waste electrical appliances ABS PS separation ABS Alloy separation, etc.
Plastic rubber mixture, plastic contains rubber, rubber contains plastic separated into plastic and rubber products, the separation purity can reach more than 99%.
Firstly, the materials are collected, the dust is removed, and the materials are uniformly fed after drying. The mixed plastics are separated by high speed and high precision by the principle of different charge amounts of different materials in the high voltage electric field, and different materials are discharged from different products.

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