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Waste medical blister pack recycling

Time:2019-08-14 Views:1218
Waste medical blister pack recycling refers to the separation of aluminum and plastic from waste medical blister pack.
These medicine boards are from pharmaceutical manufacturers, schools, hospitals, communities and so on.contains a large amount of aluminum metal, especial imported medcine blister packing.

Process flow:
Crusher: crush the waste medicine board to the size of one centimeter
 Pulverizer: Put the crushed waste medicine blister pack into grinder to grind.
High-voltage electrostatic aeparator machine : completely separate aluminum and plastic.

The whole process adopt dry separation,no water, no pollution.

Here different capacity equipment can be provided, also we can supply installation and commissioning service according to client inquirement.
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Download for recycling solution:

200-300kghMedical Blister Separating Line manufacturer.pdf from EnvironmentalMetalse
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